I hail from the state of Kerala in India. My job involves a good amount of travel and I also take off on vacations, now and then. As a hobby, I started writing about some of my vacations and this blog  contains those notes and photos. I am not a professional photographer or a writer and these are just some of my thoughts, observations and experiences. All these photographs are taken by me, unless mentioned otherwise. I hope you like these notes and find the time you spend here interesting!

If you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at yezhuvath@gmail.com

– Sudeesh Yezhuvath

  1. CP Rajesh says:

    Sudeesh ,

    Nice . It resembles ” Mathrubhumi Yaathrakal ” to me . Keep writing .

    CP Rajesh

  2. Ramesh.P says:

    Hallo sudeesh yetta,
    Nice to see your PAYANANGAL.My request is if you could add the place you stayed and dined
    can be useful if some of us(!!!) travel on the same track.thodaratum ungal eniya payangal,

  3. Haseeb Mohamed says:

    Sudeesh, Really beneficial details for all travellers. Will recommend to read your blog before anyone travel to these places. Pls. keep updating the blog after your new travels. I too wish that I had documented my travels like you !


  4. Kk (krishna kumar) says:

    Dear Mr.Sudeesh

    Your eye for detail is amazing.

    Any reader literally gets into the skin of things and becomes an active participant in your observations.

    Thanks for gifting us such an experience.



  5. Jojy Vargheese says:

    A very nice blog. Adding photos to the blog posts make your blog more meaningful. Keep writing !!

  6. Jojy Vargheese says:

    Theme of the blog is also very noice, not a commonly seen one.

  7. Jojy Vargheese says:

    Theme of the blog is also very nice, not a commonly seen one.

  8. Anil Puthenchira says:

    Adding new materials to your blog on a regular basis, will make it more attractive. Your opinion & information on new places and cultures will definitely help people, who plans to visit these places in near future. Pictures are crystal clear. A big applause!!

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Try to have more photos.

  9. Sharath Kumar M P says:

    Hi Sudeesh,

    Nice to read through your blog. Very interesting. Liked your thoughts and writing style (which reflects your straight-talk!). Will watch this blog for more such postings…….


  10. Sudeesh. Hi. I am lucky I happen to bump into this blog site to discover that my good friend has the side of passion, I was ignorant. You are a true disciple of Pegasus philosophy of learning ubound.
    I am going to read through your blogs one by one in my leisure to learn about your perspectives and how life stories influence you to become a fuller person. Thank you for revealing the side of you through narratives like this.
    I am proud of your association even though informal some times.

  11. bhupal says:

    sudeer….u r reyally a good writer and Photographer.I like u r stuf,

    keep going….


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